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Ratings and Comments for course: Dental Erosion: Etiology, Diagnosis, and Prevention
12/30/2018 18:37:13
very good
12/29/2018 21:52:07
Very informative. i really enjoyed this course.
11/28/2018 00:16:36
12/19/2017 21:18:52
Really enjoyed this course, thorough explanation of erosion and very educational!
09/05/2017 19:46:13
I loved this course
06/23/2017 11:03:39
Great course, easy to read. I have a much better understanding of the etiology of erosion that I didn't know before. Thank you for a great course.
03/30/2017 21:01:24
Great course!
03/30/2017 13:48:34
this course was direct and to the point. I was very interested in this subject since I personally had areas of dental erosion and have had composites placed because of it.