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Ratings and Comments for course: E Cigarettes, Vaping and Chairside Education
09/03/2018 18:00:30
It was good and I learned alot more about e-cigarettes....Not being a smoker, I get all my information for articles, etc. Thank you but just make sure your test key has the right answers...
07/31/2018 11:02:28
12/31/2017 15:46:04
Informative and amazed the increase use if middle school children.
08/08/2017 09:00:33
. excellent
06/30/2017 13:59:31
correct answers marked as incorrect! made me look like I only got 90%
06/12/2017 16:39:55
Very quick and easy
06/04/2017 21:04:43
I thoroughly enjoyed this course because it is relevant to the times and answered so many questions I had, especially having a teenage son who has brought this topic to my attention. I felt more confident about conversing with him about something that is so new and we know so little about. I'm glad it's going to be closely regulated. Now I know what to look for in my patients, my son and his friends, and am better able to educate them because of this course.
05/19/2017 16:09:37
it was great.
04/20/2017 10:55:29
A superficial treatment of a public health issue that may not be an issue. For whatever reason, our forward-thinking friends in Europe to whom we so often point for their great strides in overcoming personal discomfort for the common good are somehow wrong about e-cigarettes. The NHS makes this statement on their website, "E-cigarettes are not risk free, but based on current evidence they carry a fraction of the risk of cigarettes. Public Health England’s independent review of the latest evidence found that using an e-cigarette (known as ‘vaping’) is around 95% safer than smoking." Unfortuna
02/12/2017 18:21:25
very insightful course. This course pertains to my occupation
02/12/2017 12:54:50
I now know more about the side effects & what to look for clinically.
02/07/2017 13:13:49
Relatively straight forward which I prefer than when they try to trick you with wording. That method does not help me retain information. Having answers that reaffirm what I am trying to learn helps me learn the material better.
02/06/2017 19:40:29
Overall very good and educational
02/06/2017 12:44:13
great to have access to current issues relative to current patient trends.
02/05/2017 14:51:08
It was complete, but would loved it if there were more verbiage that could be used with a patient. The patient will be turned off with all the technical information.
01/27/2017 11:15:24
short and to the point, just how i like to learn
01/24/2017 06:53:50
01/21/2017 15:38:15
Good course, but beware of typos in RDH Magazine.
01/20/2017 08:37:33
This was my first and last course to take online. The information was ambiguous at best and it read like a paper I might have quickly written at the last minute while I was a dental hygiene student. There is a grammatical error in the Introduction section that should have been corrected before publishing, no real "meat" to the information presented; all in all, I am very disappointed in the course and quite honestly didn't find any concrete information that made it worth my money. I have been a dental hygienist for over 36 years and this is one subject that is new and important to me, yet thi
01/01/2017 16:40:29
I am glad to see research being done on this subject.
12/31/2016 17:37:31