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12/31/2017 16:27:11
Very interesting, informative and easile applicable in daily practice
06/23/2017 08:34:03
Informative, easy to read. I learned about new products to reduce acidity in the mouth that I had not heard of before.
04/23/2017 09:58:35
liked it
02/07/2017 19:42:00
Excellent course!
12/27/2016 18:19:31
Very informative about caries and varying contributing factors. Also very good about describing arginine and its benefits catered to creating a neutral as possible environment for the oral cavity. I also like that they didn't only push the Basic Bites product and listed others that are out there.
12/06/2016 14:24:32
A good review for me, with additional insights into how arginine works.
09/07/2016 11:47:52
I enjoyed learning the antimicrobial properties of arginine and it's usefulness in creating an ideal oral environment.
09/06/2016 17:27:14
I found this course something new. That has not been reviewed in any other CE course. I am interested to get my hands on the products discussed to help my patient's oral health. Thank you.
08/31/2016 17:57:04
well done thank you
08/31/2016 13:01:49
Very informative and applicable. I'll use this information in clinic immediately.
08/30/2016 21:54:01
very informative!
08/30/2016 18:07:31
Very informative and the material was delivered in a way that was easy to read and follow Great course, even better because it was free!
08/30/2016 17:37:45
08/30/2016 15:19:04
I enjoyed this course very much! It was very informative and well written.
08/30/2016 09:25:21
08/28/2016 13:42:29
Presented facts of dry mouth problems and solutions not available elsewhere.
08/28/2016 08:32:47
Increased my knowledge about dry mouth and help to treat my patients
08/27/2016 19:52:43
I found this course very informative and very much detailed. I would have enjoyed it more if it was more condensed and simplified but overall it was good.
08/26/2016 16:46:18
I found this very informative and educational. A good refresher on PH levels in the mouth and effective tx for sensitivity.
08/26/2016 12:40:24
08/23/2016 23:17:58
this was a insightful course.
08/23/2016 22:32:35
Learning about controlling disease in the mouth in a more natural way is how we focus our practice. The moe tools I have for my patients to take home, the healthier my patients become. We recommend coconut oil for oil pulling which increases the Ph but its not for everyone, especially young kids and the elderly. The Basic Bites are easy to use and you feel like your getting a treat too!
08/23/2016 12:01:23
great course
08/22/2016 22:43:15
Very interesting and I really enjoyed the Basic Bites at RDHUOR.
08/22/2016 14:38:00
very interesting subject
08/22/2016 12:21:34
Neutralizing oral acid is the goal for preventing and treating erosion, dental hypersensitivity, caries and fungal infections of the mouth. New studies are showing caries to be a complex disease with many more microbial agents involved than previous believed. Dry mouth is also a cause for caries. Dietary habits, medications and health conditions all contribute to dry mouth. Arginine has been found to produce an anti-caries effect when combined with calcium and fluoride. Two commercial products that will help to control oral health problems for our patients are: Colgate Sensitive Relief
08/20/2016 17:35:22
Very interesting and valuable information that I am grateful to receive.
08/19/2016 10:28:46
Great in depth information on how arginine can work. I had seen information on it working, but now I know HOW.
08/15/2016 17:33:46
It clearly presents the benefits of using arginine containing products to fight caries, effects of erosion and sensitivity.
08/13/2016 01:09:04
It was very good refresher course and educational on Caries VS Erosion.
08/09/2016 11:10:48
Excellent! This author is always very effective!
08/06/2016 13:42:53
Very interesting and relevant topic!
08/04/2016 15:25:52
Definitely worth the hour to complete.
07/15/2016 23:32:25
My only concern, though it was disclosed, is that the author has a connection and vested interest to the company which promotes the product for which she is providing education.
07/10/2016 18:29:34
very through
07/09/2016 14:16:40
Excellent info and easy to follow. I just did a class on psychotherapy and wanted to croak.
05/22/2016 23:27:49
This is a great course. One of my favorite non-live courses. Well thought out, great flow. Fantastic information. I actually learned things I didn't even know!
05/05/2016 12:12:30
It was very informative and well written, Always learn from your courses!
04/26/2016 18:25:52
04/24/2016 13:11:24
I was very informative, yet easy to follow. I learned a lot about many things that have been researched and proven.
04/23/2016 12:55:45
very informative and useful in daily practice/Patients education
04/22/2016 20:37:12
Great! The chews are an interesting new product that I look forward to trying.
04/13/2016 19:22:40
Very interesting CE online course. I enjoy reading and learning about the oral environment since our knowledge base has continually evolved over the decades. It's bacterial warfare and poor dietary choices. We'll have jobs forever !
04/13/2016 14:04:26
NICE . I learned from this class. Thanks Steven Ledwig
03/28/2016 19:58:21
good course!
03/27/2016 14:39:48
It was very clear and easy to follow.
03/25/2016 21:01:58
Wonderful information and it was so nice to get 3 CE while at home.
03/25/2016 09:49:27
I enjoyed the subject. Especially subjects that can be used in direct pt care. Who doesnt have several sensitive patients a day?
03/07/2016 14:30:44
I love Anne Guignon and would love to do more of her CE courses if available.
02/28/2016 21:51:27
Good, informational course
02/28/2016 18:47:25
I did really enjoy the free education on a great topic...thank you very much!!!!!!
02/28/2016 18:32:58
The course was direct and covered the objectives. Interesting to revisit this subject after so many years out of school. I would have liked to been able to print out the article but my system did not allow it.
02/27/2016 18:20:12
I thought the subject matter was covered in depth and the test questions were not too easy.
02/27/2016 13:48:16
My first online course. I enjoyed it and it was relevant!
02/27/2016 11:24:12
I have noticed when you try to complete these test online at least 3 times answers have changed after I scroll down. this is more for the IT for this website not this course
02/26/2016 10:35:13
Excellent in every way, thank you very much!
02/25/2016 18:32:35
A great course, one you need to pay attention to. The test questions were challenging and thought provoking. The products mentioned are those that I utilize in my dental hygiene practice. It is great knowing the hard science behind the products. I highly recommend this well written CE!
02/25/2016 14:39:57
This course was informative and well presented.