Ratings and Comments
02/06/2018 16:39:32
It was interesting
01/31/2017 15:38:47
Very informative
01/28/2017 20:11:33
Needed course for phdhp. It was good
12/06/2016 22:40:03
this course was well written and very interesting. the topic were covered well.
03/30/2016 15:07:47
Very good as I have not found many courses dealing with aging and treatment of elderly /aging pts.
02/11/2016 16:59:46
interesting topic
01/26/2016 15:37:33
great course
08/10/2015 17:42:22
well written and I needed the review. Much better than when I took it in school. (I hated it then.)
06/28/2015 14:37:03
good information for treating the aging population
04/01/2015 17:53:49
Enjoyed it more than usual. Very pertinent to the demographics I work with!
03/12/2015 11:20:17
Good review of the subject matter.